I run a business from home, I called Bobby and he was very friendly and communicative. He assured me he would help with my water heater issue and I'd have no worries. He was right! He did a wonderful job, was friendly and I've had no issues with my water heater after. I recommend his company and huge high kudos for excellent customer service! Thank you again!

Fresh Faced Beauty Inc.

They were great. Extremely professional, they installed a quality water heater at an amazing price. I was shopping around and I was referred to this company and their prices beat all the quotes I received anywhere else. They came out quick and were fast and knowledgeable. A guy name Bobby took care of me, extremely professional. No issues after they came!!!!

Rashad Lyston

I got home one evening and found my hot water tank leaking water. I called Speedy and they came out the following day and installed a new hot water heater. Without a doubt, they are professional, do a quality job and the price is reasonable. I would definitely use them again.

Anthony Chase

Excellent!!! The technician was committed to great service and was very friendly. Most importantly, very professional. I love my new 40 gallon hot water heater. I would definitely recommend Speedy.

marie chantale desinor

They were very professional from the first phone call until the end. They were punctual and treated my home like in such a respectful manner. The installation was quick and very professional.

Bob Gordon

just finished installing a water heater for our home. The whole process was clearly communicated and efficient, and the technician was very professional. An altogether good experience.

C. David Edwards

Great job from beginning to end. Very professional and does great work. Thanks for your service!

Craig Goldsberry

Incredibly professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. Being able to have clean and reliable people to come into my home and complete work that I am comfortable with is extremely satisfying in the time we live in.

Sincere Mckoy

Overall awesome job ... Polite, friendly and knowledgeable....Highly recommend...

Keith Penney

Excellent work.

Anthony Raghubir